I am NO LONGER POSTING on this address any longer. I am posting on my NEW REVISED site at only.
Please visit me here and you will be seeing new post, new paintings, and the latest tattoo work that i am doing at my new location SAVED TATTOO- 426 UNION AVE. and CORNER OF DEVOE in (W’BURG) BROOKLYN.


this is commitment

First Day Working At SAVED TATTOO !

i started my first day at SAVED TATTOO and it is a wonderful space to work in ! I am really looking forward to seeing you all there. 426 Union Ave corner of Devoe in (W'BURG) brooklyn. 718-486-0850. I will also be launching a new wordpress site soon so keep checkin in. Lots of interesting art and plans for this year. Email me direct for booking at

another photo from my morning run in costa rica 2011

howler monkey- costa rica 2011

this guy is tough looking and sounds even tougher in the middle of the night.

you never know what you will find…

on my early morning walk ,the vultures got this one. (costa rica 2011)

a work in progress painting