Change is Good! I am now working at Saved Tattoo.

Greetings All,  yes change is good- its been 10 amazing years with a fantastic group of people and  I know I will remain friends and family with everyone at New York Adorned. I was in need of a life change and so decided to make some serious moves. First off I scheduled a 1 month vacation… you heard right, the never out sick, always there,never gone Tamez is in Costa Rica. I will be gone from jan25 to feb20 …

When I return… next big life change- I will be joining forces with Chris O’Donnell and Scott Campbell over at SAVED TATTOO, I am very excited to shake things up and work with a new group of amazingly talented folks. I will of course be honoring all my appointments at that location exactly as we have scheduled. For the time being anyone may be able to contact me direct at  ——– Saved Tattoo-426 union ave  brooklyn,ny 11211  718-486-0850

Thanks to all my clients for following me, thanks to New York Adorned for always believing in me… and here’s to the new year, 2011 with Scott, Chris, Seth, Michelle and Anderson. Looking forward to all that lies ahead. Peace from Costa Rica.  -Stephanie



3 Responses to “Change is Good! I am now working at Saved Tattoo.”

  1. 1 peter January 28, 2011 at 1:19 am

    enjoy the well deserved break. just to let you know that i still love the tattoo from you and now i have even bigger motivation to come to nyc and visit saved tattoo;) it is a great news, congrats!
    greetings from slovakia,

  2. 2 Daniel albrigo January 29, 2011 at 10:16 am

    change is good steph, thats awesome
    im so happy for you and i can tell how good this must feel.
    love you babe,
    see you soon

  3. 3 Ren January 29, 2011 at 5:00 pm

    that is rad. I love the folks at Saved. I like the vibe of the space there so much, and its so cool u will be a part of that.

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